Xmas: Recathon
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Holiday Recathon!


Twelve Fandoms. Twelve Days.

Did you ever want to read more of your favorite fic without having to write it? I know I do. So, the recathon was born. From now until November 30, please make as many recs as you can.

Beginning on December 13 (Sunday) and continuing one fandom a day until December 24, I will post a Master List of all the fics collected.

Simple. Easy. Awesome.

Rec Your Favorite Fics Here!
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Announcement: Muskrats

muskratjamboree registration is a mere month away! On Saturday, October 25th, at 12noon Eastern Daylight Time, the registration post will go live on the muskratjamboree community. Please see this post over at the community for information about how to register!

(Muskrat Jamboree is a multi-fandom, slash-oriented con, taking place in Boston, Massachusetts on April 3rd and 4th, 2009.)

We are VERY excited about Muskrats being back and better than ever! \o/ We hope to see you there on registration day!
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Attack of the Orange Pop Zombies by Dira Sudis

Title: Attack of the Orange Pop Zombies
Author: dsudis
Spoilers: "End of Days", plus minor spoilers for Doctor Who "The Last of the Time Lords" and Sarah Jane Adventures "Invasion of the Bane".
Rating: PG, if that.
Word Count: 1,152
Notes: Thanks to darthfox for everything from pimping Sarah Jane Adventures to telling me whose POV the story was from, and to fairestcat for further checking-over.

Summary: Zombies armed with bottles of orange pop attack Cardiff, and Our Heroes spring into action!

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