January 28th, 2007

even robots want love and world peace


Well, now that we've been lost, we should try found--and found out.

Our second challenge is one suggested by tonko: Exposure.

Give it to us over, under, indecent, deadly, southern, or on display!

This challenge will be open for two weeks, so you have until Sunday February 11th to post your stories. For all the details on posting, check out our profile page.

And if you have any ideas for future challenges, please feel free to make suggestions in the comments of this post.

Have fun!

for the exposure challenge: Fractal Julia by Salieri

Author: Salieri (aka troyswann)
Title: Fractal Julia
Characters: Jack, Gwen
Spoilers: none
Length: ~1700w
Warnings: nekkidness
Rating: PG
Summary: Jack introduces Gwen to a friend
Notes: Based on the pictures included under the cut. Weirdly, I wrote this today, had posted it for literally 15 seconds to my journal before seeing the new challenge, immediately deleted the post and reposted here. I hope it's okay, since it was seriously only there for less than a minute. But if it has violated any rules, please feel free to expunge! Anyway, it's tentacle!fic, and there's nekkidness but it's strangely not tentacle!porn. How disappointing. I think. 'Kay, going now.

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