February 17th, 2007

for the Undercover challenge: Flashing into the Dark by Salieri

Author: Salieri (aka troyswann)
Title: Flashing into the Dark*
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Other
Length: ~1700
Rating: PG for mention of sex, I suppose
Episodes/Spoilers: obliquely for "Captain Jack Harkness," "The Empty Child"
Warnings: none, except for twisty-brainedness
Summary: pre-series, London, the Blitz, memory
Disclaimer: Torchwood, its characters and situations, while created for the express purpose of making me happy, are not mine. No infringement is intended or implied.
Extremely Pretentious Note: Northrop Frye says that we experience narrative in two ways: first, as though we're on a train, each event arising in time and linking causally to what comes subsequently like the ties of a track; second, once we come to the end, like a painting, in which all events are related, not in a linear logic or fashion, but spatially, symbolically, poetically.

As for canonical errors arising from my Janey-come-lateness, my apologies. *frets*

*The title is taken from Dylan Thomas's Fern Hill

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