August 22nd, 2007

Inter-Office Team-Love

Fifteen Minutes (PG) by Miriel

Title: Fifteen Minutes
Author: mardahin
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto. Ianto/Lisa.
Spoilers: Explicit spoilers through "They Keep Killing Suzie", but you never know what slips through the rift that is Series 1, so read at your own risk.
Author's Note: My first attempt at Torchwood fic, of any kind. Not the pairing or perspective I'd originally planned on, but sometimes Flashfic does funny things. Written for the Out of Time prompt on tw_flashfic. 800-odd words.

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Miss Cooper and the Unconventional Earl

Title: Miss Cooper and The Unconventional Earl OR Everything Changes
Author: strangerian
Rating: PG for violence
Spoilers: Only in a metaphysical way and only up to Small Worlds
Challenge: Out of Time
Author’s note: This is an AU riff on the first part of Torchwood season one, taken out of the 21st century and put (somewhat cockeyed by the transition) into a Regency-period comedy of manners. It's around 11K words.
I've written fanfic before, but nothing in Torchwood except a brief crossover done a few days ago.

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