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Janus by halfspokenwords

Last time around, people wrote Ianto on the TARDIS much better than I could, so I scrapped this. But er, I rather liked this scene, so now it's on its own.

Title: Janus
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Rose, bit o' Nine
Rating: PG
Word Count: 390
Challenge: Amnesty, Alternative Lives

It's midnight, 2050, New York, New York. Fiberoptic glitter falls and a techno remix of auld lang syne begins to play. Ianto watches as Rose whispers something to the Doctor and giggles. He laughs, leans over, and kisses her cheek. Her face falls when he makes an excuse to move away.

Ianto sighs and approaches, appearing at her side. "He's thick," he murmurs, handing her the glass of champagne that he'd been holding.

Rose blushes and sips at the drink. "I guess. I mean, it's silly of me, isn't it?"

"Is it?"

"I feel like I'm back in school, yeah? Self-pitying when I don't have a kiss at midnight."

"Ah." Ianto tilts his head to one side. "I think I can do something about that." And then he smiles and very carefully kisses her on the lips-- nothing but friendly. "Happy New Year, Rose."

"Hey, how do I get one of those?" Jack grins at them as he emerges from the unparting crowd. It escapes neither of them that he looks disheveled enough to have had quite a few midnight kisses already.

"Happy New Year," Rose intones, standing on her toes to give Jack a melodramatic smooch. Afterwards, he turns to look expectantly at Ianto.

Ianto rolls his eyes. "Oh, all right, here." It's a short kiss, but soft, full on the mouth, one hand on the Captain's chest. Before he pulls back, Ianto runs his tongue across the other man's lower lip. It probably isn't what Jack was expecting, but it certainly has an effect.


"You know," Ianto notes, his tone mild, "you don't have to be from the 51st century to be flexible." He turns away before Jack can see his smirk.


Rose finds them later, on their way out of a bedroom, Ianto buttoning his shirt and Jack bare-chested, wearing a tie that definitely isn't his. They stop to kiss again, long, against the door.

"I don't have to ask what you two have been doing," she says, hiding a smile but not her blush.

"Rose, hi." Jack grins at her as they manage to break apart long enough. His arms are still around Ianto's waist. "Ianto can't remember where he threw my shirt."

"You were providing a rather effective distraction," Ianto admonishes in a murmur against Jack's throat.

The only response is a smirk and an awfully smug "I was, wasn't I?"
Tags: alternative lives, amnesty

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