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Speak Its Name, Jack/Jack, PG (exposure challenge)

Title - Speak Its Name
Author - laurab1
Pairing – Jack/Jack, focus on real!Jack
Rating – PG
Length – 130 words (sorry!)
Spoilers – 1.12, Captain Jack Harkness
Summary – speak its name, say who you are, who you love
Disclaimer – none of these people are mine
Feedback is loved and appreciated. Enjoy!

Speak Its Name
by Laura

There it all was, out in the open.

He’d danced with another man. He’d kissed another man. He was attracted to other men.

“The love that dare not speak its name,” Oscar’s boy had written.

Among soldiers, though, Captain Jack Harkness knew, it did dare speak its name, and it always had, all the way back to the Theban Band and the Roman centurions.

So, it’s not a complete surprise that other than the odd glare at him, nothing happens after Captain Harper and Toshiko disappear into the blue-white light.

And when a couple of the soldiers, one of his own men and three of the sailors pass by him on the dance floor, quietly squeeze Jack’s hand and smile at him, Jack squeezes and smiles back, a little sadly.

Tags: exposure

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