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Groundhog Day - Idiot's Guide to Temporal Phenomenon by in_the_bottle

Title: Idiot's Guide to Temporal Phenomenon
Author: in_the_bottle
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Groundhog Day at Torchwood 3.
Notes: Many thanks to slashybits and out_there for their read through and laughs. Makes me feel better that I wasn't the only one who found certain things in the fic funny. Especially to out_there for the help on the smutty bits. ::hugs!!::
Disclaimers: Not mine, no money, don't sue!
SPOILERS: Season 2
Feedback: Hell, yeah!

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aa sex vs  srs work by ttlizzy

Kevlar and Torchwood Proceedure

PC Andy story
 1650 words Gen  but leaning towards m/m 

Just imagine that Our Andy gets his dearest wish and this is his first day with the TW lot.  

Season two-ish, no spoilers, no minors, no alien tech (yet), and it stands alone but begs to be followed up.

After s2ep11 I had to do this for him.  He just looked at me and I melted....

Don't worry how it happened, he's just there..
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aa sex vs  srs work by ttlizzy

Owen Fic


Characters. Owen, Ianto, others.

Gen fic, some swearing but it's Owen's POV so it would be.

Takes place shortly after * new*Owen's first day back at work,exactly before the events of Dead Man Walking. Written because Owen needs more Fic.

Jarlsburg, Gondolas and Torchwood proceedure.



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even robots want love and world peace

ADMIN: Story Announcements

I feel like I'm spamming you but it's all wicked important stuff! Really! Um, so here's a long post about minor administrative news.

A few weeks ago, kaneko and I had a very serious debate about a change to the community. It almost came to blows. Horrible things were said about each other's fandoms, hemispheres, and cats. *

In the end, a round of rock-paper-scissors helped us decide that yes, we're going to lift the rule about not announcing flashfiction to other communities while the challenges are running.

Then I realized we'd never made that a rule.

We do have a rule about not posting your story outside the community until after the challenge has ended, and there will be no changes there. But we'll change the language about feeling free to make an announcement in your own journal to include making an announcement in the appropriate communities.

Neither of us are big fans of people crossposting heavily. We hope anyone posting flashfiction will bear in mind that when you post here, then link from your journal and make a post to any one announcement community, you reach 99% of interested parties--but we want to make sure you are reaching the interested parties.

We are only going to ask that you include the challenge information in your announcement. For example, say This is my story for tw_flashfic's Resolutions challenge in your notes or summary or wherever you feel comfortable.

This may be rescinded in the future if the community has heavy traffic and a significantly higher number of members and watchers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

* That was snark. We'd never say mean things about each other's cats! Fandoms and hemispheres are fair game, though.